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Thermal Imaging for Ecology

How Can It Help You?

Thermal imaging devices can detect even the smallest heat signature, collecting far greater levels of valuable data than traditional surveying methods would achieve and making them the perfect choice for ecological surveys and conservation efforts.


Pulsar Merger Duo NXP50

Discover how multispectral imaging can reveal a new side to nature. Equipped with an extremely sensitive thermal sensor and a powerful CMOS sensor, these binoculars will provide astonishing thermal detection capabilities whilst significantly enhancing your night-time identification efforts. Plus, with combined viewing and Picture-in-Picture modes, you can even view both channels simultaneously, allowing you to closely inspect an object of interest whilst never losing control of the FOV.


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New Usability Features for Merger LRF with Firmware Version 2.5

Reading Time: 2 minutes Reducing Eye Fatigue with the Pulsar Merger LRF Series Firmware update 2.5 for the Merger series introduces some important new…

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Discover what the Pixfra Mile 2 series can do with this through-the-lens footage captured this bright and sunny weekend at Charlecote Park using the Mile 2 M619. Swipe through to see how its powerful thermal sensor achieves excellent image quality and discover how these devices are perfect for identification, even at their highest magnification.

Find out more about the Mile 2 at the TJ Focus website. See the link in our bio.

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The Mile 2 series is the latest offering from Pixfra. Featuring eight thermal imaging monoculars, this series offers incredible entry-level prices and a professional grade performance.

With 3 sensor options and 5 powerful lens options available, each device in the range will achieve excellent thermal imagery and will boast detection ranges reaching up to 1800m.

Most noticeably, the Mile 2 series has been designed to remain sleek and stylish, with a low-profile design that seamlessly incorporates the power button into the Pixfra logo on the side of the monocular, allowing for a streamlined button arrangement along the top, with just three buttons needed to control every digital function.

There’s so much more to the Mile 2 series, so check out our first impressions as Dave takes the Mile 2 M625 — the top-end iteration — into the field.

You can find out everything you need to know about the Mile 2 on our website at the link in our bio.

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Take a look at our first through-the-lens footage of the incredible new Pixfra Mile 2 M625! With eight devices in the range, the Mile 2 series starts at an incredible £499.95, but don’t let its price tag fool you… their prices may be entry level, but their performance is nothing short of pro-grade!

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Pulsar thermal imaging devices are a birdwatcher’s best friend, revealing more than the naked eye can see and drastically enhancing detection capabilities during observations, surveys, and conservation efforts. Each device features:

🔵 An extremely sensitive thermal sensor
🔵 A powerful fast aperture germanium objective lens
🔵 Built-in video recorder with audio and still image capture
🔵 Stream Vision 2 compatibility: use your phone as a second screen for group observations

Find out more at the link in our bio.

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Firmware update 2.5 for the Merger series introduces some important new features designed to enhance an already stellar performance. This update is compatible with the entire Merger LRF line already on the market, and the new Merger LRF XP35 will ship with firmware version 2.5 installed out of the box.

Find out more on our website at the link in our bio.

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READ NOW: The third and final entry in Matt Prior’s (@matt_the_tree_sparrow) diaries during his trip to Mongolia, where he used the Pulsar Axion 2 XG35 thermal imaging monocular to help with his efforts ringing wading birds as they migrated through the area. Read the full entry at the link in our bio.

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Why should you be using a thermal imaging device for ecology surveys and wildlife conservation?

Thermal imaging devices can be incredibly advantageous pieces of kit for a wide variety of applications, providing greater levels of valuable data during bat surveys, wildlife conservation, and research and development when compared to more traditional methods (i.e. using the naked eye), all while requiring minimal effort.

Find out more at the link in our bio.

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