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Introducing Four New Intuitive Wireless Nature Cameras From Spypoint to the Thomas Jacks Range

Nobody has done more to enhance nature camera technology than Spypoint, and they don’t plan on stopping — which is why we are pleased to introduce four new additions to their product range in the form of the FLEX-S, FLEX E-36, LM2, and FORCE-PRO-S.

Each new device has been designed to offer users excellent observation capabilities, including high-resolution cameras, wide FOVs, lightning-fast trigger speeds, species recognition technology, and much more…

The New LM2 Exceeds Expectations

Stepping into the shoes of its already impressive predecessor, the LINK-MICRO-LTE, the new LM2 builds upon Spypoint’s goal to exceed all expectations through the transmission of high quality photos presented in vivid colour by day and black & white by night.  Featuring an incredible 20MP camera with a lightning-fast 0.5s trigger speed, plus a detection range and flash range of up to 90 ft (27 m), the LM2 covers an impressive area, meaning more activity is captured — revealing even more wildlife activity and allowing you to closely observe the behaviour of animals within your observation area.

The new LM2 is available as a single unit or as a twin pack, offering double the surveillance power.

Pushing Boundaries with the FLEX E-36

The new FLEX-E36 wireless nature camera builds upon the already exceptional performance of its predecessor, the FLEX nature camera — pushing the boundaries even further through improvements to battery life, enhanced connectivity options, increased image resolution, and greater carrier support.

Just like the LM2, the Flex E-36 is available as either a single camera or as a twin pack for twice the observation opportunities.

Improved Image Resolution

This camera transmits incredible 36MP photos and 1080p video (colour by day, black and white by night) to a connected smartphone the moment the camera is triggered, keeping users in-the-know when it comes to animal activity in their observation area.

Its responsive trigger will automatically configure the camera’s settings to the environment, ensuring only the best quality photos and images are received — regardless of adverse weather conditions.

Reliable Connectivity

Working on all major UK network providers, this wireless nature camera utilises a purpose-built antenna to optimise the available cellular coverage, automatically connecting to the strongest signal in the location in which the camera is mounted and providing a strong and reliable connection at all times — even in areas with very little cellular coverage.

Easy Setup

Getting started has been made as easy and intuitive as possible through the free Spypoint app. This app allows you to activate the camera with just a few taps. On-camera buttons enable formatting of the provided MicroSD card, and even lets you take a test photo to make sure the camera is positioned as desired and running as you would expect. Settings can then be managed and firmware can be updated from home using the app.

Extended Performance with the FLEX-S

Featuring all the functionalities, and delivering the same outstanding performance offered by the original FLEX, the FLEX-S adds an integrated solar panel to charges the internal lithium battery and achieve an even greater battery life — keeping your observation area covered even longer.

Hi-Res Image Transmission

Once the FLEX-S is triggered, it will transmit stunning 36MP photos and 1080p videos (in vivid colour by day and well-defined black & white by night). Working on virtually any cellular network, the FLEX-S will achieve a strong and reliable network connection, even in areas with very little cellular reception.

Four Capture Modes

Features multiple capture modes, including Photo, Video, Time-Lapse, and Time-Lapse+. Time-Lapse+ allows for photos to be taken at user-defined intervals as well as when the camera is triggered.

Responsive Trigger

A responsive trigger only ever achieves the best quality photos and videos by configuring the nature camera’s settings to match the conditions at the time the image or video was captured.


Uses a dual-SIM to ensure the camera is always connected to the strongest available signal in the observation location, meaning you are always aware of what’s happening at your location, without worrying about network reception.

GPS Enabled

The GPS functionality allows for maximised functionality and greater accuracy when it comes to using Spypoint’s customisable maps function, and adds another layer of security; allowing you to keep tabs on your device should someone decide to pinch it.

Find out more about the FLEX-S here.

Power & Performance with FORCE-PRO-S

The FORCE-PRO-S builds upon the FORCE-PRO, offering an even longer-lasting performance thanks to its integrated solar panel. This solar panel is used to charge the internal lithium battery, keeping this cellular nature camera running for weeks — if not months — on end.

Capture images in stunning 30MP high-resolution and record stunning 4K videos, with such high image quality that you’ll feel as though you’re in the woods in real-time. Its extended battery life reduces the number of trips needed to swap batteries, minimising the cost incurred in travelling to the camera’s location.

30 MP Still Images

Inspect every single detail with the FORCE-PRO-S nature camera, capturing exceptionally clear high-resolution photos in vivid colour by day and in black & white by night.

4K Video Recording

Grainy camera videos are a thing of the past thanks to the FORCE-PRO-S — offering stunning 4K video and revealing even the smallest detail in colour by day or black & white at night.

Find out more about the FORCE-PRO-S here.

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