Vosker® V300


No Wi-Fi? No Problem…

Introducing Live View for the first time in any of Vosker’s security cameras, the V300 LTE Solar Wireless Camera is a 100% autonomous security camera that will offer a surveillance solution that will operate effectively in any location with cellular coverage.


Live View Mode

For the first time in any Vosker camera, the much-anticipated Live View Mode has arrived in the V300, along with motion activated full-HD video recording capabilities stored straight to the Vosker cloud. Live View capabilities make the V300 the perfect camera for remote surveillance in areas with limited or non-existent access to electricity and Wi-Fi connection.

LTE Network Connectivity

The Vosker V300’s uses LTE network connectivity, working on any available UK network, making this camera ideal for observing construction sites, commercial properties, farms, holiday homes, rural properties, rental properties, car parks, marinas, vacant properties, and so forth — allowing the user to receive notifications to their phones whenever, wherever, without using lots of data. The V300 will transmit both photos and video to the Vosker app.v

Solar Powered

Thanks to the combination of a long-lasting 14,000mAh lithium battery and a weatherproof solar panel, this camera reduces the number of trips needed to change batteries, offering weeks of outdoor surveillance before a recharge is needed.

Easy, Rapid Setup

Setting up the Vosker V300 can be achieved in just a few minutes and comes provided with an SD card and pre-activated SIM card to speed this process up even more. Vosker offers a variety of security data plans, and offers users a free 7-day trial of these plans to determine which plan suits their needs best.

Vosker App

Users can access a range of convenient features to aid in the use of the V300 with the FREE Vosker app, including accessing live view, viewing photos captured on the device, customising notifications to receive only the relevant alerts, and managing all devices connected to the app in one place.

Vosker Sense

Incorporates Vosker Sense AI image recognition technology in the Vosker app — technology that works to identify human and vehicle shaped objects when the V300 is triggered, only sending a notification to the user’s phone when they really need to see what is happening.

Vosker Sense accurately differentiates between human disturbances and instances where wildlife wanders past the field of view, reducing the number of notifications the user will receive and ensuring unwanted alerts are kept to an absolute minimum.

Built-In GPS Tracker

Features a built-in GPS tracker, putting users minds at rest knowing the exact location of their V300 in instances where the camera has been misplaced or stolen.

Night Vision Capabilities

Features 850nm infrared LEDs to provide a 100ft night vision range in total darkness, capturing black and white images at night.

Weather Resistant

Weather resistant with a rugged design, the V300 will remain operational in all types of conditions, including heavy rain and snow, and ensures the desired location is well-observed in all types of environments.


Video Resolution FULL HD resolution 1080p local on SD card
Video Length 10 second clips (the camera will take another 10 sec recording if there is still motion detected)
High Quality Streaming: Full HD 1080p at 15fps and 400kbps bitrate
Max Quality Streaming: Full HD 1080p at 15fps and 960kbps bitrate
Audio Recording Yes
Viewing Angle 90° ultra-wide angle
Viedo File Format MP4 (H.264)
Photo Resolution FULL HD resolution 1080p local on SD card and 640×360 px on mobile app
File Format JPG
Information Stamped on Photos Date, time and temperature (°C/°F)
External Memory MicroSD card for local backup storage up to 32 GB (16 GB card included)
Power Solar panel: built-in
Battery: 14 000 mAh with USB-C port for charging (V-LIT-B3 included)
External power: USB-C port
Motion Sensor Multi-zone PIR
Detection Range 30m / 100ft
Motion Detection Sensitivity Levels Low, normal, high
Illumination Infrared LED 850nm
Night Vision Range 100ft
Network 4G LTE multi-carrier wireless modem
GPS Tracker Yes
Remote Viewing and Configuration Mobile app or web app
Language English, French, Spanish, and German
Date Format mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy
Video Stamp Information Yes (date/time/outside temp.)
Temperature Units °C or °F
Time Format 12h or 24h
Dimensions (HWD) 11.43×9.65×13.7 cm
External Antenna Included. External long range cellular antenna available (sold separately).
Mounting Bracket Adjustable mounting arm included
Operating Temperature Range -30°C to +50°C
Certifications FCC, CE, weather-resistant

What's In The Box

  • Camera
  • SIM Card
  • 16GB Vosker Micro SD Card
  • LIT-B3 Lithium Rechargeable Battery
  • Antenna
  • V-MT360 Mounting Bracket
  • USB Type-C Cable
  • Quick Start Guide


Setup Guide

Quick Start Guide

Activating the V300

Before activating your camera:

  • Charge the battery unit, V-LIT-B3, for at least 24 hours before putting it into the camera. Use the provided USB cable for charging. Once plugged in, the LED on the battery unit will turn red. You will know the charge is complete when the LED turns green.
  • Open the panel at the bottom of the camera and insert the provided MicroSD card into the slot.

Note: A 24-hour charge of the battery unit is recommended before the first-time installation.

Activating your camera with VOSKER mobile app:

1 – Download the VOSKER mobile app. This will allow you to control your VOSKER camera remotely.

  • Google Play Store (Android)
  • Apple App Store (iOS).

2 – Activate the first camera in your account.

  • Open the VOSKER app and log in to your account.
  • Press “ACTIVATE NEW CAMERA” from the Welcome screen. Follow the instructions.

3 – Activate subsequent cameras in your account.

  • Press the “CAMERAS” tab, at the bottom of the screen.
  • Press the “+” button in the upper right corner.
  • Follow the instructions.

4 – Activating your camera with the VOSKER web app:

  • Log in to your account.
  • Click the “+” button on the main screen.
  • Follow the instructions.

Turning your camera on:

  • When you turn on the camera, it will start searching for a signal and the status light will flash green.
  • Once the signal is stable, you should see steady signal bars, depending on coverage strength.
  • A 30-second countdown will start when the front delay LED starts flashing red.
  • Once the countdown is complete, the photo mode is activated.
  • V300 powers on and secures a strong signal.
  • The V300 powers on and secures a strong signal.
  • All the lights will turn off and the camera is now ready to take photos/videos.
  • In the “Cameras” tab, press the camera’s “…” menu to access the “Status” tab of your VOSKER application. This will allow you to check the “Last sync” to see if the camera has updated its status with the most recent information.
  • You can then change the settings according to your preference. The new settings will take effect at the next transfer time.

Note: There may be a 20-120 seconds delay for the camera to make the first communication or transfer the first photo/video to the app.

Installing the V300

Before installing your camera, we recommend that you test the coverage of the location you will be placing your camera. Consider using a VOSKER security box to protect your V300 security camera against theft and breakage.

Here are some of the best practices for installing your VOSKER camera:

  • Place the camera about 3 feet above the ground or at the subject’s height.
  • Make sure your camera is perfectly upright, aiming parallel to the ground
  • Place the camera about 10ft to 100ft away from your target to have a good field of view.
  • Adjust the motion sensor sensitivity setting to “Medium” as a starting point.
  • The camera should be facing North or South to avoid glare or overexposure as the sun rises or sets.

Note: Make sure to place the camera in an area that gets a good amount of sunlight during the day (enough to cover 50% of the solar panel). This will help maximize the battery life of your camera.


About Live View

The V300 series offers the amazing feature of live-streaming as a 40-minute add-on that can be shared between compatible devices over a 12-month period.

Want to test it out first? Upon activation, every V300 includes two minutes of live streaming during the free seven-day trial period.

How to start a live-streaming

  1. Check the signal. Make sure you have a good signal on the V300 and on your smartphone. A strong signal on both devices will provide a smooth experience and image quality.
    Check how to improve your connectivity.

  2. Press the yellow button. You have two ways of starting a live-streaming session.

    • Via the Home screen. Click on the round yellow button to get to the live-streaming screen. If you have many V300, you will have a button for each one.

    • Via every photo/video. Click on a picture or a video taken by a V300, and press the yellow button “Start Live Streaming”.

  3. Press “PLAY” in the dark video screen. It might take a few seconds to load on your phone. The stronger the signal, the less time it will take to start.

  4. OPTIONAL – Boost the quality. Toggle on the Max Quality under the video to get a higher bit rate (960 kbps). At this pace, the time left is reduced by four. It means if you have 40 minutes left in High Quality, it will turn into 10 minutes in Max Quality.
    Remember: if the live-streaming may be choppy at times, a recording in Full HD will appear in the app after the session, and will also be saved on your MicroSD card.

  5. Monitor how much time is left. In the video, you can see how much time is left on your Live Streaming add-on and make smart decisions. If you are running out of minutes, you can buy another add-on, valid for the next 12 months, shareable among your live-streaming cameras.

  6. Watch it again in Full HD. Get the full quality once the live-streaming is over, without any buffering. It will be available in the app for a full year. You can also find The Full HD video on the MicroSD card in the camera.

What is the difference between live-streaming and 10-second Full HD video?

The live-streaming allows you to see what is happening live around your camera. It can last as long as you have live-streaming minutes in your account. It is great when you receive a notification, and you want to check if there are still some movements.

Your camera stores a 10-second Full HD video on the servers at every detection. You can request the video to understand better what happened during the detection. Simply click on a photo and press the button “Request Full HD video”.

What is the impact on the battery life?

The more you use those features, the more it takes a toll on the battery life.

This is especially true if the V300 doesn’t get a steady and strong signal. Just like your cell phone, the camera will work harder to connect to the cellular tower and communicate information.

If you see the battery life dropping, consider adding the Universal Solar Powerbank to sustain your camera from 6 to 12 months.

How to buy additional live-streaming minutes?

You can easily purchase a live-streaming add-on which will add 40 minutes shareable among all VOSKER streaming devices for the next 12 months.

Mobile app:

  1. Click on the “Cameras” tab at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Click “See plan” under one of your V300 cameras.

  3. From the “Plan” tab, click “ADD” live streaming.

  4. Follow the purchasing steps.

Web app:

  1. Once logged in to the web app, click on “MANAGE PLAN” under your V300 model.

  2. Click on “Add” under the live streaming option.

  3. Follow the purchasing steps.

Warning:you need a transmission plan (Base, Alerted or Elite) before buying the live-streaming add-on.

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