Discover Enhanced Connectivity with Stream Vision 2

Stream Vision 2 is an intuitive, free-to-download mobile application designed to enhance the features of Pulsar thermal imaging devices, allowing them to work in combination with a connected smartphone or smart device. Among other convenient features, linking a Pulsar device to the Stream Vision 2 app enables the ability to use a connected smart device as a remote control, file browser, second screen, video recorder, and firmware update platform. It even allows for quick and easy changes to settings. After you have registered in the app, Stream Vision 2 offers a generous 16GB of free Cloud storage, allowing you to store hundreds of thousands of images and videos captured on the device on your connected smartphone or tablet. What’s more, Stream Vision 2’s newsfeed provides all the latest news, updates, and product releases. Find out more below.

File Browser

Provides access to every photo and video captured on a Pulsar device connected to Stream Vision 2, meaning you can download and save videos and photos to your phone, as well as enabling easy file sharing with friends, and instant sharing to social media.

Remote Control

Control and adjust a device’s settings via a smartphone. All changes can bee seen in real-time, so you can make any necessary corrections in ever-changing conditions and environments without having to touch your device.

Screen Sharing

Use the Stream Vision 2 app to use a smartphone as a second screen, allowing multiple users to view the same image in real-time. Perfect for use out in the field. Screen sharing enables a second user to capture photo and video.

Firmware Updates

Quick and easy firmware updates allow you to keep your devices running smoothly on the latest firmware version. All you have to do is download the update through the Stream Vision 2 app and enjoy new features on the devices.

Free Cloud Storage

The Stream Vision 2 app offers free storage in the Cloud once you have registered within the app, opening up even more storage space for hundreds of thousands of videos and still images.

Free to Download

Stream Vision 2 is completely free to download in the Apple App Store or the GooglePlay store, offering valuable connectivity features and adding a new level of convenience and functionality to Pulsar products.


Stream Vision 2’s Newsfeed feature keep you in-the-know, providing all the latest news, updates, blog posts, and product releases from Pulsar — before anyone else!

No Adverts

The last thing you want when you’re enjoying a spot of bird watching or wildlife observation is to be distracted. That’s why Stream Vision 2 is free of adverts, allowing you to focus on the scene in front of you.

Constant Improvements

Pulsar are constantly updating and refining firmware to ensure the best experience possible at all times, offering all the latest features as soon as they are available.

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