Helpful Tips & Videos

In this section you’ll find helpful tips and videos designed to make use of your thermal imaging or digital night vision devices even easier. Check out our latest videos and check back frequently, as new videos are uploaded every week!

Thermal Imaging for Birdwatching: Comparing Three Pulsar Devices

How does thermal imaging benefit birdwatchers? Dave at Thomas Jacks shows us how in this quick demonstration of three models: The Axion 2 LRF XQ35, Axion XM30F, and Helion 2 XP50 Pro.

One Minute Guide: How to Connect a Pulsar Device to Your Phone

If you own a Pulsar, Axion, Helion, Merger, or an Accolade, it’s easy and quick to connect your thermal to your phone. Check out how in Matt at Thomas Jacks’ one minute guide.

One Minute Guide: How to Control a Pulsar Device with Your Phone

It’s easy as pie to connect your Pulsar device to your smartphone, and, with the Stream Vision 2 app, it’s even easier to control your device remotely. Check out this one minute guide to find out how.

One Minute Guide: How to Fix a Fuzzy Image

If you want to know how to sort out a fuzzy image on your Pulsar, Axion, Helion, Merger, or Accolade – Matt at Thomas Jacks is here to show you how with a quick one minute guide on using the dioptre control.

One Minute Guide: Why a Pulsar Device Occasionally Freezes

Ever wondered why your Pulsar thermal imaging device occasionally freezes? Check out this one minute guide to find out why, and understand the importance of calibration.

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