Spypoint® FLEX-PLUS


Double the Power, Double the Control

The Spypoint FLEX-PLUS features a 36MP camera, capturing stunning photographs and videos with audio in full-colour by day and in black and white by night. These images and videos are then sent straight to your phone via the Spypoint app thanks to dual-SIM multi-carrier auto connectivity. And, with space for two batteries, this intuitive wireless trail camera will provide even more power, reducing the need to travel and allowing you to rest assured your observation location is covered without having to change batteries frequently.


24/7 Observation

The Spypoint FLEX-PLUS is a wireless trail camera designed to keep you well-informed when it comes to observing activity on your land or properties. With an exceptional 36MP camera, this trail cam will capture stunning photos and high-resolution 1080p videos with audio in colour by day and black and white by night; providing you with peace of mind knowing you can keep an eye on your property anytime, anywhere. A 0.3s trigger speed and a 30m (100ft) detection range ensures nothing slips past the FLEX-PLUS unseen.

Photos and videos captured on the FLEX-PLUS can be transmitted from the camera to a connected smartphone or tablet via the Spypoint app thanks to dual-SIM multi-carrier auto connectivity. Plus, with Constant Capture technology, the FLEX-PLUS will send and capture photos/videos simultaneously, so you’re able to watch activity within your observed area in near-real time.

What is Dual-SIM?

With dual-SIM multi-carrier auto connectivity, the FLEX-PLUS’s two preactivated SIM cards will connect to all major network providers in the UK. Once the camera is switched on, it will check one of the SIM cards for network connectivity and, if it finds a useable cellular signal, it stops searching, using that network to send photos and videos to your phone or tablet via the Spypoint app.

However, if the first SIM card cannot find a reliable cellular signal, it will switch to the second SIM card, repeating the process until it can achieve a strong enough connection. Should something happen to the quality of this connection once it’s been made, the camera will automatically check the other SIM card to search for a stronger network connection, switching over to the strongest signal and minimising the risk of a lost connection.

Covert LEDs for Nighttime Observation

The FLEX-PLUS features 4 powerful low-glow infrared LEDs which provide a flash range up to 30m (100ft). This flash will remain almost completely imperceptible to the naked eye, meaning wildlife is not startled and remains unaware of the camera’s presence.

Multiple Capture Modes

The FLEX-PLUS offers several capture modes for a more customisable observation experience. These include Photo, Video, Time-Lapse, and Time-Lapse+. Time-Lapse allows you to pre-program the camera to capture images at user defined intervals. Time-Lapse+ takes photos at these same user defined intervals, as well as when the camera senses movement — this option is ideal for those who need to monitor large areas, as it increases observation opportunities when looking for activity beyond the camera’s detection range.

The FLEX-PLUS’s responsive trigger will optimise the camera’s settings depending on conditions at the time the camera senses movement, this ensures every image or video captured on the device remains high-quality and easily discernible, regardless of the environment around it.

Instant Mode

The FLEX-PLUS also features Instant Mode, a new feature which allows you to communicate with the camera from your connected smartphone or tablet at any time using the Spypoint app.

With Instant Mode you can adjust the camera’s settings instantly, rather than waiting for the next scheduled sync. You can even request a status update, an instant photo, and instant video capture — so you can stay in-the-know in real-time. To benefit from on-demand photo capture, you must have photos available on your transmission plan. If you are on Spypoint’s Free plan and have reached the limit of your 100 free photos, you will not receive an image.

Double the Power

The FLEX-PLUS is aptly named, offering space for two batteries and doubling the amount of power provided to the camera. This will considerably reduce the amount of time and money spent on travelling to replace a depleted battery and will ensure the FLEX-PLUS can provide weeks, if not months, of reliable observation before a recharge is required.

In Brief, the Spypoint FLEX-PLUS Features:

  • 2x battery capacity for greater observation opportunities
  • 36MP photo capture
  • 720p video recording
  • 3s trigger speed
  • Dual-SIM multi-carrier network connectivity
  • Video & photo transmission via the Spypoint app
  • 30m (100ft) detection and flash range
  • 4 covert low glow LEDs
  • Multiple capture modes
  • Instant mode
  • GPS enabled

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